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I hold two slogans in my heart. (A) Take technical education, your day will change. (B) If technical education is taken, work is done all over the world. At present, there is no alternative to technical education for the economic prosperity of our country. Every year, 22 lakh young men and women enter the labor market in the country. But it is unfortunate that very few young people get employment opportunities. If we look at the industrialized countries (Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia) we can see that their development has taken place by building industries and transforming the country's youth into skilled human resources. 100 economic zones in Bangladesh in the next few years Will be established (work has started). More than one lakh industrial factories will be set up in those areas and as far as I know, one crore and twenty seven lakh people will be employed in those industrial factories. If the boys and girls of our country can transform themselves into skilled human resources by being educated in technical and vocational education, they will get employment opportunities at home and abroad, and will also be able to establish themselves through self-employment.

Therefore, my humble request to the people of this country is to educate your children in technical and vocational education, develop them as skilled human resources and play an effective role in improving the socio-economic condition of the country.

Md. Matiur Rahman Sarker. Principal Netrokona Technical School & College-Netrokona