Vision 2021

Vision 2021 is to build a healthy and prosperous digital Bangladesh free from poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, hunger and corruption. | Digital Bangladesh is to be based on activities, procedures, development strategies, science and technology at every level of Bangladesh. Skilled manpower required for proper implementation of science and technology. And to create skilled manpower

There is no alternative to technical and vocational education. Therefore, technical and vocational education in building a digital Bangladesh The importance is immense. | Implementation of Vision 2021 i.e. Poor Insurance, Creation of Employment Opportunities, Self-Employment, Entrepreneur Development, | The importance of technical education in increasing productivity is immense. Expansion of technical and vocational education is necessary to make Bangladesh a middle class country. Upgradation of technical education to more people in the country

Motivation in technical and vocational vocational education, increase the social status of the educated population in this education and | The role and importance of technical education in the economic development of the country is immense.

In the competitive world of the 21st century, in order to survive in a world of knowledge-based societies, it is necessary to ensure the widespread use of universal technologies such as information technology. And this is the goal of the slogan "Digital Bangladesh". Which the present government has taken as a pledge. Digital Bangladesh is a Bangladesh rich in efficient use of information technology and other digital technologies. The only surplus in this country of 150 million people is the population, the development and management of which is still struggling. But if this densely populated country is to stand tall, it must be through human resource development. Which is possible through technical and vocational education. Therefore, the importance of technical and vocational education in the country is immense. But the society still does not understand this information. There is less publicity in this regard. For this. There is a need to create public awareness in an official way. It is effective in bringing a positive attitude of the people in this regard. It is necessary to take action. Technical education is also important in foreign employment. That means an unskilled worker with labor abroad Earning more money than going abroad with short-term technical training.

This will earn more foreign exchange as well as strengthen our position in the overseas job market.